These are pictures of Stallions with their mares and offspring
My Silver Eagle was also one of those studs that lived in the pastures with his mares, from breeding to foaling to weaning!  His was wonderful with the babies, and many times could be found standing over them while they slept and their dams were off grazing.  Here are a few photos.

Cheryl Woods
South Dakota
Silver Eagle and his girls - August 2007
Silver Eagle and three of his sons 2009
Silver Eagle, Dam and 2004 filly
Ulrich BeoWulf, foal and foal's dam

Ellen Lomnicky
Left to right SRU Eagleheart (adult picture in our Index Photos), SS Missfit (his dam) and Ulrich Papillon (his sire).  Prior to my purchase of Eagleheart.

Scott Engstrom
New Zealand
Here is a favorite photo of Ulrich Papillion, taken in May of 2000. He is in the middle. The black leopard on the right is Chanco, his January 1999 son out of Wonder (a gelding by the time of the photo). The chestnut colt on the left had been weaned the day before (he's a half-Arab son of my mare Bandit's Blu).

Notice that Papa is the only one not wearing a halter. We (he and I) spent some time that day teaching Chanco and CatsPaw how to eat carrots politely.

I really really really miss him ...

Kaite Nighthorse