This is Millican April 
(Tobys Red Capp x Piautes Miss Keri.)
dob: 4/2/1991
 touting my son Caleb around the obstacle course at a 2011 trail challenge event.
Gotta love a sweet ol girl that babysits the kids.  She is my best good friend and at almost 22 now, she still looks amazing and has the same old sparkle in her eyes.
I hope she lives another 10 or 15 yrs.  She will be with me to the end of her days, so I will continue to give her the best life I can.

Desert Spirit Appaloosas   Oregon

This is Patti Jo Duda

Howling Oaks Foundation Appaloosas

This is Elaine Morgan's daughter Talea on Smart Little Cayenne in a Trail Challenge.  You can see another pictue of Talea & Chayenne in the Cattle album.

Some Working Photos of Stallion - Revel Soquill

Fall is a good time to ride in Kansas!

From Ramon & Judy Laurie, KS

Sandy Dean on Rocky - late finish to a great trail 
ride in Kansas!

From Sandy Dean, MS
BCA Tobys Thunderbar on her second trail ride in June 2013 with my son on board.

From Noell Devenny,  OR